Rob Kazinsky Joins ‘True Blood’ Season 6

Sookie and Jason get a new ally when “True Blood” returns to HBO next summer.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

From what little we know about the upcoming sixth season of  “True Blood,” it’s clear that Sookie (Anna Paquin) and Jason Stackhouse (Ryan Kwanten) will have to contend with an ancient vampire named Warlow who is coming to Bon Temps to claim Sookie.

Fortunately, the Stackhouse siblings will have a someone new in their corner.

According to TVLine, Rob Kazinsky is the newest addition to the “True Blood” cast and the second regular to be signed for the new season. Kazinsky will portray Ben, “a highly charismatic faerie” who helps Sookie and Jason continue to investigate Warlow’s murder of their parents. The story also hints that Ben may be Sookie’s new love interest for season 6.

Kazinsky is not that well known in America, having only appeared in “Law and Order: Los Angeles,” Brothers and Sisters” and Red Tails domestically. But in his native Britian, Kazinsky starred in “EastEnders” and “Dream Team.” Kazinsky is also slated to have a role in Pacific Rim; which should elevate his profile right around the time “True Blood” season 6 takes off.

The other previously announced “True Blood” season 6 cast member is Rutger Hauer, who is set to play “a mysterious and sinister figure” named Macklyn. But we believe that Macklyn is simply Warlow’s first name.

“True Blood” season 6 is expected to launch in June 2013.