7 Supercuts of Actors Crying

The Oscar for Loudest Weeping goes to...

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

It’s Oscar season. In theory, that means there are a bunch of movies in theaters for adults about realistic characters experiencing the sadness, pain and defeat that comes with everyday life. I wouldn’t know – I saw Wreck-It Ralph! Anyway, in honor of teary movie season, here are 7 supercuts of actors crying:


Claire Danes Cry Face

“I’m… I’m not crying!” Cries for another 2 and a half minutes of video.


Julianne Moore Loves To Cry

Spoiler Alert: She cries in a lot of movies.


Men Crying In Movies

Shed a manly tear.


Natalie Portman Cries A Lot

If I were in Garden State, I’d cry, too.



Watch Spiderman cry, plus he makes a bunch of other stupid faces!


Donald Glover Crying On Community

Good news, Soul Train Awards – somebody cares!


Movie Crying Megamix

My favorite is when robots cry. There’s absolutely no reason for that.


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