DC Announces Young Romance of the New 52

On Valentine's Day, DC will give the shippers something to ship about with Young Romance #1.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Young Romance #1

Old school comic book fans will know that industry legends Joe Simon and Jack Kirby created Young Romance comics back in the Golden Age as a way to bring the ladies into the funnybooks. DC will be honoring that tradition by giving us a collection of New 52 love stories this Valentine's Day with a new Young Romance #1: A Valentine's Day Special – and that will feature the burgeoning relationship between Superman and Wonder Woman.

It'll be 64 pages long, with work from writers Andy Diggle, Ann Nocenti, Peter Milligan and Cecil Castellucci and artists Emanuella Luppichinno, Gene Ha, Phil Jimenez and Sanford Green, also featuring Batgirl, Apollo & Midnighter, Aquaman & Mera, Batwoman and Catwoman – not to mention most every fangirl's favorite object of 'shipping' – Dick Grayson. Will he be hooking up with Barbara Gordon, or will it turn out that he's bi or something?

Check this out this cover from Kenneth Rocafort.

Young Romance #1