7 Funny Sketches By Brian and Maria

This comedy duo ranks high on the “coolness meter.”

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

YouTube comedians Brian Firenzi and Maria Del Carmen are getting older. All the stuff they liked as kids – MTV, old school video games, food – just doesn’t seem as cool anymore. Lucky for us, as their duo gets older, their sketch comedy keeps getting better and better. These are 7 funny sketches by Brian and Maria:


Why Doesn’t MTV Play Music Videos Anymore?

They make you a network executive if you can not to blink for long periods of time.


Coolness Meter

I think there’s an app that does this.


Old School Video Games

Ironically, he became something of an aficionado for actual shit.



It was the fruit, I tell you! The fruit!


Business Suit

Alright, I will get out of dodge.


Phone Book

…one giant, clunky phone book for mankind.


The Bisexual Ex

Best answering machine message ever?


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