Grand Theft Auto V: 20 New Screenshots

Get a better look at the game's three lead characters.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


Here’s a good way to start off the week; Rockstar has released a new batch of screenshots for Grand Theft Auto V. The images, embedded below, show off more of the game's environment and the title's three playable characters – Michael, Franklin and Trevor.

Michael is an ex-gangster who now works under the government in witness protection. Franklin is apparently a repo man working for a luxury car dealership. And lastly, Trevor is a hillbilly of sorts who makes one hell of a first impression, sitting on the toilet and squeezing one out and not even taking the time to wipe. Gross.

You will be able to play as all three of these individuals in GTA V. Additionally, you will also be able to freely switch between them on the fly with the push of a button. Michael, Franklin and Trevor come together to perform a number of elaborate heists throughout the story.

So without further ado, here are the new screenshots of GTA V. Click each to enlarge

gta5_1 gtav_3 gta_5_4

gta5_5 gta5_6 gta5_7

gta5_8 gta5_9 gta5_10

gta5_11 gta5_12 gta5_13

gta5_14 gta5_15 gta5_16

gta5_17 gta5_18 gta5_19

gta5_20 gta5_2

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