The New York Jets Are Absolutely Pathetic

Who really holds the blame for the Jets' free fall to the bottom?

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

The New York Jets look absolutely pathetic.

Sunday's abysmal 28-7 loss to the Seattle Seahawks sent the Jets to their worst start since 2007. The only Jets touchdown of the day was credited to the defense on a 21-yard fumble return by defensive end Muhammad Wilkerson.The Jets offensive woes continued as quarterback Mark Sanchez completed only nine of his 22 attempts to go with a horrible interception during the first half in the red zone. He also lost a fumble at Seattle's 32 yard line. Like I said before, pathetic.

Who do you blame in this situation?

Mark Sanchez? Maybe.

Rex Ryan? Probably.

General Manger Mike Tannenbaum? Definitely.

Tannenbaum's first mistake as GM this year came at the wide receiver position. The Jets were one of the top three teams in the NFL last year as far as red zone efficiency goes. The difference this year? Not re-signing veteran wide out Plaxico Burress.

Instead Tannenbaum opted to let Burress walk so they could make room for rookie Stephen Hill. Now make no mistake, Hill's upside seems promising, but he is no Burress. After a two-year prison stint for shooting himself with an unregistered weapon in New York City, the 35-year-old receiver returned to the NFL as a Jet where he recorded eight touchdown catches and averaged almost 14 years per catch. For a man who was absent from the field for two years, Burress looked pretty damn good and it makes me wonder; 'Why the hell would they let him walk?'

A full year of practice plus working out in a professional facility would have easily benefited Burress to look even scarier this year, but he wasn't and has not been granted that chance.

Another gaping hole in the sinking ship Tannenbaum has assembled is the hire of offensive coordinator Tony Sparano.

After a 4-9 record with the Miami Dolphins last year, Sparano got the axe last December. Fast forward to January of this year, Sparano was hired as the new offensive coordinator for the Jets. The major problem I have with this is not so much with Sparano but more with Tannenbaum. Why would you bring this guy on? What has he proven offensively besides a dead gimmick known as the wildcat? Absolutely nothing.

Rex has talked non stop about reviving the "ground and pound" identity that brought the Jets to two straight AFC Championship games in his first two years as head coach, but lately it's looked more like "lay and pray" – as in lay when you see your offensive line blow another blocking assignment and pray that your quarterback doesn't leave the game on a stretcher. The offense has no real balance. Just look at today's game: 22 passing plays opposed to only 15 running plays.

The final mistake of Tannenbaum's swan song is the addition of everyone's favorite quarterback, Tim Tebow.

Fans have been calling for Sanchez's head as Tebow looms on the sidelines, chomping for an opportunity to take over this dismal offense. But is Tebow really the long term answer? The answer is no.

After putting on about 15 pounds of muscle — which was done so by request of the brilliant coaching staff — Tebow would be limited to what he does best, running. Sure, you can argue Tebow is a far better leader than the current starter, but as far as passing goes, you'd have to be completely blind to think he is a better thrower of the football than Sanchez. It seems more likely that the reservations people voiced when they heard of Tebow's addition are true: a big fat publicity stunt.

The bottom line is the Jets need to clean house and it starts with Mike Tannenbaum.

The New York Jets fall to 3-6 this season as the Seattle Seahawks head into their bye week with a record of 6-4.

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