Bama Loses Undefeated Season, Fans Overly Optimistic?

Texas A&M shocked the college football world, taking down the No. 1 Tide in Tuscaloosa 29-24 Saturday. This is how Bama fans reacted on Facebook.

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

Being a Bama alum, let's just say I witnessed some rowdy days in Tuscaloosa, to say the least. Losing to LSU in overtime one year resulted in a good beer soaking from the stands after all…

After Bama lost to A&M Saturday afternoon, I expected to log on to Facebook to see some pretty nasty posts. What I saw instead shocked me.

In addition to some hilarious political rants — which are included below — the overly-optimistic posts made me smile.

Fans were…graceful…

So either I have the most amazing, compassionate, care-free Bama friends in the country, or they're simply all victims to the Nick Saban affect — the point at which you win so often, for so long, the one regular season loss is like losing a quarter to the the pin ball machine at the arcade. Sure, you lost a quarter, but you still most likely have enough tickets to buy the flat screen.

Don't count Bama out yet. If they win the SEC title and two of the remaining undefeated teams lose, the Tide could still roll into the national championship game.

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