Danica Patrick Still Go Daddy’s Super Bowl Girl

Go Daddy makes a firm statement to put to rest any doubts about Patrick's future with the company.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

NASCAR driver Danica Patrick is the queen of the Super Bowl commercials. Since she signed with Go Daddy back in 2007, a privately owned business that is used primarily as an internet domain registrar, Patrick has appeared in a celebrity record 10 Super Bowl ads. However,  their has been quiet speculation recently that her total might not go beyond the 10 she's already done.

The reports of her commercial demise are a little bit premature as Go Daddy has made it official that the two spots they purchased for the big game are going to feature NASCAR's most sultry driver.

"It was always fairly understood that Danica (would be in the commercials)," Go Daddy executive chairman and founder Bob Parsons said on Thursday. "She's been our spokesperson, has been in our successful Super Bowl advertising for the past eight years, so it only follows that if something works eight years in a row, there's a good chance of it working maybe a ninth year."

The rumors of her Super Bowl commercial dismissal came in the wake of the company hiring out the making of the commercials to New York agency Deutsch Inc. as opposed to producing them themselves, as they have every time before. Also, the two commercials featuring Patrick in the last Super Bowl earlier this year were rated the lowest of the 55 commercials that aired.

For Danica's part, she remains ever excited to appear in the commercials and is looking forward to doing the next pair.

"I've always felt so honored to appear in the commercials," Patrick said. "I feel we've made a lot of people laugh, we've made a lot of people smile, we've had a lot of fun with them. I'm excited to do them and I'm going to start doing sit-ups right now."

Since signing with Go Daddy, Patrick has appeared in 22 commercials for the company, helping to propel them to a recognizable brand by people across the world. By the statement released by the company, this partnership isn't going to end anytime soon.

"Go Daddy and Danica are a team, and we've been a team for a long time," Parsons said. "I would think it would be very difficult to figure who has benefited more. It's a true partnership, and I don't see it ending anytime soon."

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Photo Credit: AP