Are We There Yet? – Cool Holiday Travel Gift

Here's how to make a big impression this season.

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

I've received some very cool travel gifts over the years, everything from journals to shadowbox keepsakes with maps of places I'd visited to great travel clothing and more. But this one really stood out to me.

Featured on National Geographic and founded by Ged Caddick is Terra Incognita Ecotours. It's all about adventure travel that gives back and makes a big difference all over the world.

“The business model I created for Terra Incognita isn’t based on profits, like most businesses are. We measure success by how much we’re able to give away – the more the better,” said Caddick.

With destinations like Belize, Borneo, Brazil, China, India, Kenya, Rwanda, Madagascar, and Tanzania, Ged’s ecotours attract travelers who want to visit the most extraordinary parts of the globe with an expert guide to show them the way. “My clients want an incredible experience, but they are thoughtful and responsible,” says Ged. “They want to visit communities in the most remote parts of the world and not just take an experience with them, they want to give something back, too.”

Terra Incognita ecotour clients return time and time again for yet another exciting and rewarding experience. These unique adventures are the perfect gift for that friend or family member on your list that has everything.  “Our ecotours aren’t your average vacations – we travel to the most exotic places and have encounters with endangered wildlife. It’s the stuff that bucket lists are made of. And the best part about our trips is that we donate a substantial percentage of every ecotour to the communities that so graciously host us. Our trips are the perfect adventure to share.”

Ged has donated more than $125,000 to charities in more than seven countries, literally changing lives each and every time he gets on an airplane. And he doesn’t just donate a check at the end of each year – Terra Incognita’s travelers get to see those donation dollars at work on each tour by visiting the organization to which they are contributing. In Rwanda, his tours visit the Gorilla Doctors, a non-profit group of veterinarians responsible for keeping the highly endangered Mountain Gorilla population healthy. In India, his groups visit the India branch of World Wildlife Fund where they learn exactly what researchers, scientists and partners are doing to protect the endangered tiger population.

For more info, visit their website here.

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