‘The Killing’ Nears a Third Season on Netflix and AMC

Despite being cancelled and left for dead, “The Killing” is poised to make an unlikely comeback.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Earlier this year, AMC cancelled “The Killing” after the second season underperformed and as the creative team continued to face an ongoing fan backlash going back to the first season finale.

But now it looks like “The Killing” may have found a surprising way to come back for a third season. To put it another way, this is like the police finding Rosie Larsen before the car went under the water.

There had been reports that DirecTV and Netflix were suitors for a potential third season. According to Deadline, Netflix is still the primary player involved, but production costs of “The Killing” may be split between Netflix and AMC; which would give AMC the right to premiere new episodes on cable before they debut on Netflix. This appears to be a similar situation to NBC and DirecTV’s deal to keep “Friday Night Lights” alive by sharing costs and broadcast rights.

The report indicates that the deal to save “The Killing” has not been finalized, but Fox TV Studios has relentlessly tried to keep the series alive. Both Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman are signed for a third season; which is reportedly a major reason that the show may be coming back.

“The Killing” executive producer, Veena Sud is also being credited for a “strong third-season pitch” that helped give the project new life.

While “The Killing” may have underperformed for AMC during its second season, bringing it back does make a certain amount of sense for the network. The future of “Hell on Wheels” is up in the air until a new showrunner is found, “Breaking Bad” is ending next summer and “Mad Men” will probably only run for two more seasons.

Whatever its faults, “The Killing” is still an AMC branded show that allows the network to maintain its identity as it searches for shows to replace its departing hits. Even in spite of the backlash, "The Killing" still has a following and the two main characters, Detectives Linden and Holder are still popular. And it doesn't hurt that Enos and Kinnaman are both poised to become bigger stars thanks to their upcoming movie roles in World War Z and Robocop, respectively.

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