Dwayne Johnson IS Hercules!

The Fast Six star will play the legendary Greek demigod in Brett Ratner's latest comic book adaptation.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

You know, we were going to try to find an image of Dwayne Johnson looking all shirtless and badass in The Scorpion King to announce that he's officially attached to play Hercules in Brett Ratner's next movie, but we just couldn't resist that fabulous image from The Tooth Fairy. Plus, that expression on his face kind of makes it look like he only just saw X-Men: The Last Stand just after signing on to another Brett Ratner comic book adaptation, so maybe it's kind of fitting after all.

Yes, eight and a half months after Dwayne Johnson was first rumored to be up for the title role in Brett Ratner's Hercules, based on the Radical Entertainment comic book Hercules: The Thracian Wars (which was first announced back in April 2011), we finally have confirmation that this long in development fantasy epic has found its star. It will be the first major motion picture based on the Greek hero since Disney's 1997 animated version, much like the recently-announced David Yates remake of Tarzan will be the first big screen adaptation of that particular literary hero since Disney's 1999 animated adventure.

Paramount has joined MGM in producing the action-adventure, according to The Wrap, and the studios' announcement was the first time that Johnson's attachment was officially confirmed. Johnson would be following in the footsteps of the famous Steve Reeves Hercules movies from the 1950s, which ushered in an era of Italian "sword and sandal" epics that portrayed brawny, shirtless muscle men in Ancient Greece fighting monsters, eschewing the advances of women and raising eyebrows the world over. We imagine that Ratner's version of Hercules won't be quite so heavy on the homoerotic subtext, but either way, we wish him the best. The comic book he's adapting this time doesn't have quite so voracious and obsessive a following, and audiences may cut him more slack on the finished product as a result.

Besides, it may even be a great action movie. Who doesn't want to see Dwayne Johnson fighting fantasy monsters in a big budget spectacle? You've got our hopes up, Ratner. Now go and kick some ass.

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