Best of Twitter: Election Edition!

We've gotten ahold of the funniest election tweets so you don't have to!

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past 24 hours. We here in the US had ourselves an old-fashioned Presidential Election. This is the first time in history when the social networking and self-promotion site, Twitter, has been around to capture emotions of anticipation, defeat, joy, anger, sorrow, and pure unadulterated lust. 

So, in honor of this occasion we here at CRAVE thought we would do our civic duty and bring you the best jokes from the funniest minds in comedy and entertainment about the electoral process. 

Have a look:


Taking a drink of whiskey is like shooting heroin into a baby for Mormons. 


We're not so sure. Politcal victors are not known for grandstanding. 


Run-off puss is just as good as fresh-caught puss. 


"Legitimately raped in this election."


Anything with Amy Adams gets our support. 


All those boner-problem commercials just pay for fifteenth house. 


We like, "The Immigrant Song" but to each their own. 


It was Rosanne. 


Do you think if celebrities told everyone to buy shitty perfume and handbags we'd… oh wait. 


At least Paul Ryan can still feel a breeze on his ball sack. 


It was nice knowing you, Kev. 



Maybe Mitt will run a company into the ground just to feel like he accomplished something. 


Her vagina is so cold, Mr. Freeze wouldn't go near it. 


You merely adapted to the marijuana. We were born in it. 


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