First Teaser Trailer For FX’s ‘The Americans’

“Rise Comrades” and get an advance look at the new Cold War era drama coming in 2013.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Early next year, FX will revisit the Cold War with its upcoming drama, “The Americans.”

Created by Joe Weisberg ("Falling Skies"), “The Americans” follows Phillip (Matthew Rhys) and Elizabeth Jennings (Keri Russell); a seemingly normal American couple raising their two children in the early days of Ronald Regan’s Presidency during the early ‘80s.

However, Phillip and Elizabeth are secretly deep cover Russian spies who maintain a clandestine network of informants throughout the U.S. government. The Jennings’ children are not aware of their parents’ true loyalties or that their marriage was arranged by their superiors. But Phillip and Elizabeth appear to have genuine feelings for each other as the American way of life slowly seduces them.

To complicate matters, their neighbor Stan (Noah Emmerich) is an FBI counter intelligence agent, who may be closer to finding the KGB’s spies than he realizes.

FX has premiered the first teaser trailer for “The Americans;” which seems to suggest that Phillip and Elizabeth have some conflict with each other in addition to their struggle to maintain their cover.



“The Americans” will premiere in January 2013 on FX.