5 Funny Videos About Halo 4

Even galactic wars with aliens have a lighter side.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Just recently, the long-awaited game Halo 4 was finally released. If you’re reading this instead of playing Halo 4, you’re probably unable to get to your XBOX 360 right now. I’m so very sorry. To tide you over until you can go back to kicking some Covenant ass, here are 5 funny videos about Halo 4:


Halo 4 Trailer (Leaked Game Play Footage)

Seems legit.


President Obama On Halo 4

Romney might not get to be Commander-In-Chief, but he could be Master Chief.


The Quest For Halo 4

This is why it’s important to read what you sign.


Video Game Dubs: Halo 4 Live Action Trailer

Get off my Halo, ya damn kids!


Halo 4 Jump Fail

He definitely needed to inspect that ramp more carefully.


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