Top 5 Most Overrated NFL Players

Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan got called out as the most overrated coach, but who is most overrated on the field?

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

Reports came out Tuesday that Sporting News conducted a mid-season players poll, asking the guys whom they thought has the most overrated head coach. Their answer: the Jets' Rex Ryan.

It could be the fact that the east coast media is all over New York teams already, then you throw in Ryans' outspoken and often controversial personality and I can see why people would see him as overrated. The Jets are 3-5 this season.

But this poll got me thinking. Who are the most overrated players in the NFL? If the coaches could vote on their subordinates, who would they choose?

Here are my top five:

#5 Steven Jackson – RB, Rams

He's had a solid career, but he's taken too many lumps behind a bad line for too many years. In eight games this season, Jackson only has one TD and is averaging just 3.7 yards per carry.

#4 Antonio Gates – TE, Chargers

Once considered a lock for the Hall of Fame, Gates simply can't stay healthy. He's played seven games in 2012 and has scored three TDs but is still only averaging 40 yards per game, his lowest since his 2003 rookie season. He hasn't played a full season since 2009; wasn't that about the last time people took the Chargers seriously?

#3 DeMarco Murray – RB, Cowboys

As a rookie in 2011, Murray had one of the highest rushing-yard games in history. 2012 was supposed to be his big breakout. So far he's only played five games and has one touchdown on the season. Murray is another victim of the crazy hyper-focused media, considering the Cowboys are one of the most covered teams in all of sports.

#2 Andre Johnson – WR, Texans

I hate to put him on the list. He's still one of the most feared wide receivers in the sport, and rightfully should be. However, he's 31-years-old and his numbers continue to decline. The guy that has two 1,500 yard seasons that once averaged eight TDs a season only has 2 TDs and 562 yards in 2012. Johnson only played seven games last year due to injury.

#1 Reggie Bush – RB, Dolphins

Let's face it; he's bipolar. But he's mostly on the bad end of the polar.

He's still only 27-years-old, but you have to realize that he was the No. 2 pick in the NFL draft. He simply hasn't lived up to the hype. Because he's dated a Kardashian and was a super star at USC, Bush has the rep of being elite — especially from people that are very casual fans. The reality is that Bush has only one 1,000 yard season on his resume (2011) and has never scored more than six TDs in a season. This year, Bush only has 4 TDs and 534 yard rushing.

*Note: Tim Tebow was not included on this list because the Jets are smart enough not to start him.

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