Terry Bradshaw Apologizes for ‘Racist’ Comment

The former Steelers great is learning that just one word can lead to trouble.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Let's get a raise of hands for anyone who has accidentally inserted their own foot into their mouth with a comment that was less than thought out.

Now while I will refrain from counting the hands, suffice it to say every person with the ability to speak has one up, I will continue and say that as bad as it is to do that in a regular persons life, how much worse is it when it happens to an on-air personality during a show?

Well, Terry Bradshaw can answer that one today after making a comment that in the context that it was said, can easily be mistaken as racist.

During Sunday's FOX halftime recap segment, Bradshaw was commenting on the Miami-Indianapolis game when he made his vocal flub. When the highlights came up showing the Dolphins Reggie Bush running for a score, the ever excited Terry said it was like "like he was chasing that bucket of chicken the wind was blowing.”

After making the comment, the show went on without question and it wasn't even an issue until the network got bombarded from cyberspace with complaints and questions about Bradshaw's 'racist' comment. They immediately contacted a confused Bradshaw, having to play the recording of his comment back to him a few times before he could believe he said it.

Apparently, Terry's mistake was that he meant to say 'you' instead of 'he', meaning to poke a little fun at another of the group, Jimmie Johnson. Bradshaw, on Monday, spoke to USA Sports to clear the air about the incident.

"I can't defend myself," says Bradshaw. "I've never been in a situation like this. I don't know how to react, except to apologize for something I didn't know I said. I've been upset today. It's not me. I'm shocked."

About the comment specifically, Bradshaw said that he just meant to include the other on-air hosts, something he routinely tries to do during his recaps and that it had nothing to do with Bush personally.

"I always include the (other Fox on-air guys) in the highlights because it's fun.” Bradshaw said. “… It could have been with a highlight about anybody. You never know what's going to come to mind when you do these things so quickly."

Jimmie Johnson took to twitter to defend Terry, Tweeting that "for all those "chicken" comments. … TB kids ME about how much I love chicken. He was referring to me!"

In the end, it seems to be just the case of a little slip up but with everything, even the smallest mistake can get blown out of proportion.

Bradshaw is not expected to receive any reprimands from FOX and is "so sorry if I hurt anybody”.

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