7 Funny Videos About Election Day 2012

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Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Finally, after 2 million years or so, it’s time to vote for the next US President: Barack Obama or Mitt Romney. Go to the polls, get your kickass sticker, and plop down at your computer for some hilarious comedy sketches, just like the founding fathers intended. Here are 7 funny videos about Election Day 2012:


The Romney Boys Election Eve Special!

How many Osama zombies are there exactly?!


The Onion Voter’s Guide To Barack Obama

His views on gay marriage evolve faster than most Pokemon.


The Onion Voter’s Guide To Mitt Romney

What was that religion called again? I forgot.


Let My People Vote 2012

Vanellope Von Schweetz has a point.


Election Day!

You’re 18, which is old enough to start feeling cynical.


Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney: Epic Rap Battles of History

Is Abraham Lincoln a write-in candidate?


The Undecided Ohio Voters

It’s like Political Christmas over there.


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