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The fate of the world stands with these videos.

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

As we collect these great videos from the top sites in comedy, the US election is still in the balance. Who knows which way the scales will tip, who knows how the world will look in the morning. All we know is that by tomorrow it’ll be old news and we’ll move on to new topical things like, Ikea, Hurricane Sandy and Babies that kick ass… oh wait, that’s today’s videos.


Dailymotion  – Episode 5, The Friske Touch (link)

We’re back with our favorite celebrity endorsed Swedish web series.

Episode 5, The Friske Touch by Easy To Assemble


Break  – Come at Me, Turtle! Come at – ah Crap. (link)

This is the best slow fall ever.

Come at Me, Turtle! Come at – ah Crap. – Watch More Funny Videos


College Humor – Hurricane Charity (link)

Jake and Amir Ham up the hurricane.


Podpocalypse – Dragon Baby (link)

And now for a little something more epic than the hurricane and election combined.


Funny Or Die – Hurricane Sandy vs Los Angeles Weather (link)

Joe Hartzler shows you a gripping account of Hurricane Sandy in ontrast to LA weather. FYI I love LA!

That’s what’s funny on the world of the web today.


Now go forth and kick scales!

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