Podcast Review: This Feels Terrible

This week we cover the latest and greatest from Erin McGathy! 

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe

Erin McGathy is a name comedy fans should get to know. She’s a part of an up and coming generation of improvisers, comedians, and podcasters that is breathing new life into the medium. Her podcast, This Feels Terrible, (from Feral Audio) is one that is going to make your drive to work a lot easier from now on. Erin brings some of the best names in comedy and the entertainment business to her show (Dan Harmon, Colin Hanks) for a discussion about love, relationships, dating, sex, and all the bullsh*t that surrounds it. Whether you’re in a committed relationship or you keep exes locked in your basement, you’ve probably had some relationship highs and lows yourself.  

Have a little listen to a very funny bumper:


And did we mention that Erin is an excellent interviewer?  Her show is laid back, comfortable, and an easy listen. Each episode is better than the last and we don’t see this trend stopping any time soon.

What sets Ms. McGathy apart from all the new comedy podcasts flooding the iTunes “New and Noteworthy” section is that her podcast is about something. And as we here at Crave have said many times before – in a world of comedy podcasts about nothing, the one about something is king.

Rating: Definitely give this one a listen!

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