TWIH Nov. 10 & 11

Racy teenage novels, the true meaning of Jaws, and deadly games of Twister.

Sam Wellerby Sam Weller


History doesn't just happen during the workweek you guys.


Sorry I missed last weekend… I swear nothing important happened. In other news, get ready for Thanksgiving. Why now? Because if you start saving just a few dollars a day you can finally get that turkey fryer you always wanted! Then invite me over because these Snickers bars aren't going to clog my colon by themselves, alright?


NOV 10

1969 – Sesame Street debuts

Despite repeated attempts to downsize them politically and financially in America we learn the real reason why Sesame Street remains the same year after year…. every episode is filmed inside Gordon’s head every night as he sleeps.

I’m telling you, it’s real! SESAME STREET IS REAL!!!


1932 – Roy Scheider, star of Jaws, is born

As a musical theatre major I am contractually obligated to talk about Scheider’s great portrayal of Bob Fosse in All That Jazz, which features the montage that most accurately reflects my actor lifestyle of booze, drugs, dance, and more drugs!

BONUS: Did you know Jaws was actually an allegory for marital infidelity? Yeah. I Read the book.


1808 – Osage Indians cede Missouri and Arkansas lands

See?! Even the Native Americans don’t want to live in Missouri! The Osage gave up their claim in order to set up a reservation in Oklahoma. Good for them, because not only did they score the MASSIVE oil reserves on their land, they also got to root for OU in college ball.



NOV 11


1918 – World War I ends

“On the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918…” the world’s biggest game of international f*** you Twister finally ended. It only cost over 9 million lives!


1967 – Viet Cong release U.S. prisoners of war

Three P.O.W.’s, two of whom were black, are released in Phnom Penh, Cambodia to show solidarity with anti-war protests and the “courageous struggle” of African Americans in the United States.

Wow, Vietnam, way to make us look bad.


1852 – Louisa May Alcott publishes her first story

The author would gain great prominence in her most well-known novel, “Teenage Crinoline Hussies” In which a band of free-wheeling and experimental girls wreak havoc on an unsuspecting Concord Mass.

The graphic sex scenes were later omitted from the novel (along with 107 racial slurs) and repackaged into the watered down version: Little Women.




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