Favorite Gadgets for Fall: Part 2

The Sema SM10 Bluetooth Dual Streaming Stereo Transmitter takes motorcycle communication wireless.

John Scott Lewinskiby John Scott Lewinski

About a week ago, I marched out Part 1 in a series of my favorite gadgets for Fall – a sort of last call for the top techie and tech-related finds making it into the market before the Christmas gift guide season.

We pick up that list with Part 2 – an eclectic mix of handy items from different realms of utility.

Sena SM10 Bluetooth Dual Streaming Stereo Transmitter: This motorcycle accessory found its way to me though my automotive writing opportunities. The SM10 is a Bluetooth 2.1 transmitter for wireless devices that allows dual streaming to two Bluetooth headsets at the same time.

When combined with Sena’s in-helmet headsets, two riders on two bikes or riding tandem on the same motorcycle can listen to radios and other audio devices wirelessly at speed. There are even additional auxiliary stereo input for auditory GPS, a radar detector or laser detector (…Though Crave Online does not authorize the endorse the use of such law enforcement thwarting devices – like the one I own…)

The SM10 ships with optional cables for onboard motorcycle audio systems found on Harley-Davidson’s Ultra Classic, Honda Goldwing Star Motorcycle Stratoliner, etc

I’ve tried out Sena’s products before on long rides and can report they are rock solid and a real joy to have along on 300 mile cruise on a touring bike. This Sena continues the company’s insightful additions to motorcycle riding.

MSRP: $135

Satechi Swift Portable Bluetooth Speaker System: There is no shortage of Bluetooth speakers that look to add audio oomph to an MP3 player or tablet’s sound capabilities. This Satechi entry advertises itself aggressively as a similar option – except specifically for your smart phone.
ʉ۬The Bluetooth 3.0 Swift BT Speaker wirelessly streams from up to 33 feet away and is equipped with a rechargeable lithium ion battery for up to 4 hours of talk time, 3 hours of playback and 300 hours in stand-by. Then, if you get a call on your streaming mobile phone, the Swift switches over to a functioning speaker phone.

I tried all of the above. The speakerphone functions well, and the sound quality is competitive with other versions of these tiny boomer units. But, most importantly, the Swift provides streaming playback without choppiness or dropouts – functional gaps that plague some units.

MSRP: $30.

Boostcase: There are also plenty of options in the battery extension cases for iPhone and its rivals. the general idea is such cases combine protection for those delicate communication devices we take everywhere we go – while packing a small battery that extends the phone’s life for about an hour (because we are indeed taking them every last place we go).

True to form, Boostcase doubles battery life for iPhone 4 and 4S (with an iPhone 5 version inbound). The1700 mAH battery hides inside a thin protector that also boosts cell reception.

However, Boostcase is looking to make their products more of a fashion statement while they keep phones juiced. Introducing an extensive options list of colors, patterns and additional features (including wallet cases).

You’re starting to see Boostcase products showing up in the hands of celebrities and fashion moguls – or rather you’re starting to see it because Boostcase makes sure word gets out when celeb X is seen with one. But, you can’t blame the Boostcase folks for that. It’s business.

More importantly, the Boostcase does what it must – keeping the iPhone working long after its own battery would’ve tapped. The length of that extra use depends on function – such as gaming, web surfing or streaming – but, regardless of your fashion taste, Boostcase can save your can by keeping your phone active.

MSRP: $80