7 Videos of Kids Reacting To The Election

Can’t Mitt Romney and Bronco Bamma just get along?

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

As we all learned from Bill Cosby, kids say the darndest things. Nothing’s “darndier” than hearing children discuss politics, because they’re adorable and usually don’t know enough to make informed decisions. Here are 7 videos of kids reacting to the 2012 presidential race:


Bronco Bamma And Mitt Romney

I don’t want to make you cry more, little girl, but you mispronounced the President’s name and you’re an idiot.


Kids React To Election 2012

Big Bird still haunts Romney among the all important 10-and-under vote.


Pre-Schoolers Fight Over Romney And Obama

This is why they don’t allow Legos at the real debates.


Kids On The 2012 Election

None of these kids want to grow up to be president. Smart kids!


Kid Questions For The Candidates

Any of you want to moderate a debate in four years?


Talking Twin Babies

Baby (political) geniuses.


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