President Camacho For President

Everyone’s got a candidate, see who Funny or Die is backing.

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

The front page of Funny or Die has been taken over today, by the one, the only, the big man himself…. Dwayne Alessandro Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho.

Created by Mike Judge and starring Terry Crews as President Camacho, it’s time to put your vote in to over gear! If you haven’t already seen Idiocracy, do yourself a solid and go do that, while punching a baby and drinking an energy drink. It’s time you man’d up, and if you’re a woman. Grow one. Get Macho! Get Voting, Get Camacho for President! Punk.

Maybe these videos will swing your vote:


President Camacho on The Election

President Camcho address the pundits on what the real issues should be this election.




President Camacho-The Economy

President Camacho speaks to the people of the United States about health care and jobs… and cash money.


President Camacho-Middle East

President Camacho isn't worried about the Middle East,  or too sure what it even is; He's a little more concerned with Mexico right now.


President Camacho-Jobs

While President Obama is reading his real jobs report, President Camacho talks about jobs from the comfort of his very own throne.


President Camacho-Outgo Tax


Remember kids, President Camacho wants to tax dat ass.


Interestingly enough, there’s yet another video but apparently it was so amazingly epic that it’s exploded in it’s own sauce.