The Big List: Buzz Lightyear vs. Han Solo! Steve Jobs’ iYacht!

Which is worth more to Disney: Pixar or Lucasfilm? Plus: Meet the iYacht.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Time to invent consumer gadgets, watch as they become huge blockbusters, decide to built a boat, because you’re an eccentric bazillionaire, wait around while the boat gets built, pass away, and one year later check out these links from Heaven’s computer lab, including a video of that boat you ordered!


Preacher Blames Hurricane Sandy On Gays, Obama and Romney

I’m sure science would agree.


Steve Jobs’ Super Secret Yacht Is Finally Finished

If your only regret is never getting to see your crazy expensive yacht get finished, chances are you lived a fulfilling life.


Why Buzz Lightyear Is Worth Way More To Disney Than Han Solo

To infinity and billions more!


12-Year-Old Uses D&D To Help Scientist Dad With His Research

The scientific paper is a critical hit. (*Baddum-bum*)


The First Official Photo From The New Arrested Development

There’s always money (and Conan O’Brien DVDs) in the banana stand.


That’s all for this midichlorian-filled edition of The Big List.


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