Ubisoft Wants You to Work for Them on Watch Dogs

Trailer or recruiting video?

Joey Davidsonby Joey Davidson

Watch Dogs

Remember Watch Dogs? It premiered during Ubisoft's presentation this past June at E3. It blew the collective minds of the gaming world with its lengthy live demo. We, as an industry, lapped it up.

Now, Ubisoft has released a re-edited version of that same playthrough with a few clips of their employees telling you how fantastic it is to work there. Really, see for yourselves.

Trailer or recruiting video? I'm not sure.

We present this clip to you because, quite frankly, it's a really interesting method of gathering talent for Ubisoft. Say this trailer gets 100,000 views. Of those 100,000 people, how many are actually qualified to work in the gaming industry? A handful?

This type of job fishing is almost like dropping a baitless hook into the ocean and hoping to catch only the biggest and most sought after fish.

Watch Dogs' release date and platforms have not been announced.