Jamie-Lynn Sigler on ‘Guys With Kids’

The former costar of "The Sopranos" talks about the joys of comedy and (fake) motherhood.

Fred Topelby Fred Topel

The title “Guys with Kids” really only tells you about half the show. For the three dads in the new NBC comedy, there are also three moms.

Sure, Sheila (Erinn Hayes) is the divorced nemesis of Chris (Jesse Bradford), but Gary (Anthony Anderson) and Nick (Zach Cregger) are happily married. Jamie-Lynn Sigler plays Nick’s wife Emily. When the cast spoke with the Television Critics Association, we talked to Sigler about doing comedy, and playing with babies.


CraveOnline: You’ve played so many sexy leading lady type women, how do you like applying that to a mom role?

Jamie-Lynn Sigler: I don’t think there’s anything sexier than being a mom and I’m grateful to be a part of a show like this. There was nothing calculated to me about being on a comedy like this, which is so far from anything that I’ve done, but I’m grateful that that’s the way it’s come about because I think if there’s anything that can take people’s idea away from Meadow, it’s playing a mom.

CraveOnline: How important was “Entourage” in changing people’s perception of you?

Jamie-Lynn Sigler: I think that was a pretty seamless transition for me, being on the network I was known from and on a show that has a similar audience as “Sopranos,” but playing myself  sort of took me to an even playing field, kind of brought me to neutral. A little bit away from Meadow playing this version of myself, but allowing me to depart from that in a way,. So I think it was a nice platform for me to go to to then do other stuff like this.

CraveOnline: How much do you still think about Meadow Soprano?

Jamie-Lynn Sigler: Not much, not much. Only fondly in memories, but as far as the character, no, I’ve moved on.

CraveOnline: What was your comedy learning curve? How did you throw yourself into learning new skills?

Jamie-Lynn Sigler: I think comedy I’ve learned is really just about relaxing and trusting yourself and allowing yourself to fail. I think with drama, at least for me, my process, there’s a lot of thought. I do a lot of backstory. I listen to a lot of music. I’m very committed to a process when it comes to drama, but with comedy I think it’s really about letting lose.

I think with this role, this is the closest I’ve ever played to me. I like being upbeat, positive, happy, enjoying family. I’m not a mom myself, but most of my friends my age are young moms and I’m around a lot of young parents and I really don’t think there are many shows about late 20s, early 30s parents enjoying being parents and starting families, still trying to figure stuff out, but aren’t single and trying to find the love of their life or what am I going to do with my life and what kind of job do I want.

These are people that are settled in their lives that are starting families and enjoying being parents. I think that’s very relevant and real and something that I know from just the people that are around me.

CraveOnline: Were you ready for working with the babies because of your friends?

Jamie-Lynn Sigler: Absolutely, and it’s definitely pushing me to that thing that I want a baby so bad for sure. My brother is about to have his third so I’m around a lot of babies all the time. They add such an element to the show.

Tape night something magic happened with the whole cast and with the babies. It was fun. You never knew what they were going to do so as an actor it keeps you up on your game and you feel like your’e improv’ing the whole time because you don’t know what they’re going to do and that makes it so much fun.

CraveOnline: Is it nice to show married relationships as romantic?

Jamie-Lynn Sigler: Absolutely. I think we’re showing them as romantic and we’re showing them as real. I think the show really does a really good job of depicting these couples that genuinely enjoy each other and enjoying being parents. Nick and Emily are sort of the most stable and they’re just trying to figure out how to bring romance into their relationship while having two kids and wanting more kids maybe and all that.

CraveOnline: If you were president, what would be on your agenda?

Jamie-Lynn Sigler: If I was president? Oh my gosh, that’s a big question that I am not prepared for. Gay marriage is absolutely something that I am in full support of and a big advocate of and I think it’s an important issue, but there’s a reason that I don’t talk about politics and why I’ll never be in politics. I am not the person to ever do that.

CraveOnline: What did you respond to about producer Jimmy Fallon?

Jamie-Lynn Sigler: He’s exactly what anyone would envision him to be like, the greatest boss ever. After our first read through, he put us in a van and took us all to Universal Studios to go on rides for a couple hours. He’s just a joy. He’s fun. He’s supportive.

I’m the only person in the cast that’s never done a sitcom. I’ve guested but never really been a part of it and he was such a cheerleader for me. After every scene, whether he needed to or not, he would be there and be like, “That was awesome, Jamie. That take was great.”

It’s nice to have such support like that. We have a built in publicity machine with Jimmy behind the show and I think we’re all looking forward to promoting it with him and on his show. I’ve been such a fan for a long time and I feel really lucky to be working with him.

CraveOnline: Are you ready for all the social media promotion that he’s going to spearhead?

Jamie-Lynn Sigler: He’s going to guide the way and I’ll be on that train. I’ll do all I can for sure.