The Batmobile Tour Signals ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Disc Debut

The Batmobile Tour arrived in Dallas this weekend to visit the Cowboys vs. New York Giants game.

John Scott Lewinskiby John Scott Lewinski

To celebrate the December 4 release of “The Dark Knight Rises” on Blu-ray and DVD, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment is taking all seven vehicles that have served as the Batmobile on the road to sporting events across the country.

Watch our Star Cars report from the tour's first stop in Burbank, CA.

Batman’s personal transportation from the 1960s TV show through all seven Caped Crusader movies (including the Tim Burton, Joel Schumacher and Christopher Nolan productions) already made an appearance last weekend at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington outside the Miller Lite Club before the Dallas Cowboys loss to the Superbowl Champion New York Giants.

With the way that game turned out for the local Texans, there’s a good chance the Batmobiles’ arrival was the highlight of the weekend in Dallas. Since Batman can’t do much about super villains Jerry Jones and Tony Romo, it was nice of him to drop off his hot ride to distract Cowboys fans.

For the record, vehicles will be on display for the following products:

“Batman” television series and “Batman, The Movie” (1966) – driven by Adam West
“Batman” (1989), “Batman Returns” (1992) – driven by Michael Keaton
“Batman Forever” (1995) – driven by Val Kilmer
“Batman & Robin” (1997) – driven by George Clooney
“Batman Begins” (2005), “The Dark Knight” (2008), “The Dark Knight Rises” (2012) – Black Tumbler, Camouflage Tumbler, Bat-pod – driven by Christian Bale

DIfferent editions of the the Batmobile had different, real world capabilities. For example, the Adam West version was actually drivable. No, the ejector seat, rocket launchers and jet engine were props – but West could’ve driven home in Hollywood in that Batmobile.

The Tim Burton-era, ultra art deco versions with their fins and flaming tails were mobile props that needed to be towed on set.

The Christian Bale Tumbler version is self-powered and specially designed, engineered and built by a UK shop to be fully mobile. The drivable prototype tank was intended to be a fully operative vehicle on any road, and its engineers were as successful as Bruce Wayne was taking own The Joker.

This weekend, the Batmobiles (and that motorcycle-ish Bat-pod) are en route to the Alabama and LSU game in in Baton Rouge, LA before stopping off in New Orleans for the New Orleans Saints vs. Philadelphia Eagles tilt.

It seems a natural fit for the Blu-ray Combo Pack release because the set includes “The Batmobile” documentary – an hour-long look into every aspect of “the most awe-inspiring weapon in Batman’s arsenal. “