5 Ninja Turtle Pranks

Turtle Punk’d!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are heroes in a half-shell, but their inner turtle power comes from executing hilarious pranks. After all, nothing irks Shredder more than balancing buckets of water on top of every door in the Technodrome. Here are videos of 5 Ninja Turtle pranks:


VHS Tape Pizza Hut Discount

Now I know where I’m taking my 20-year-old coupons.


Pizza Delivery

At least he didn’t have to go to the sewer to get stiffed.


Ninja Turtle Girl Jumps On Stage During Concert

I guess she’s finally coming out of her shell.


Angry Ninja Turtle on Chatroulette

This is what they do while Splinter’s sleeping.


Turtle Flash Dance Battle

Starts at :50. This is what college is all about. Dicking around.


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