7 iPad Mini Parodies

Seems like Apple’s just Pad-ding out their product line.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Apple recently released it’s “revolutionary” new gadget, the iPad Mini. Smaller than an iPad, bigger than an iPhone, and people will apparently purchase this device. This new entry into Apple’s product lines has touched many comedians and made them want to screen. Here are  7 iPad Mini parody videos:



Catchyscending. (Catchy + Condescending)


Banned iPad Mini Promo

Apple – “You’ll Take Whatever You Can Get”


It’s So Small

I was hoping it actually was his dick.


The Mini iPad Mini

Someone likes holding things.


The iPad Mini?

My iPad keeps wanting to accept phone calls. Is that normal?


iPad Mini Mega

Give the people what they want: More slight variations!


Back of the Line

Steve Jobs: Inventor, Visionary, Ghost Rapper.


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