Bryan Singer Will Direct X-Men: Days of Future Past

The director of X-Men and X2: X-Men United returns to the franchise after Matthew Vaughn backs out.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

Thank you, 20th Century Fox, for sparing us fans the long, arduous, drawn-out process of finding a new director for X-Men: Days of Future Past after Matthew Vaughn left the production last week. Are there better directors out there for this project? Possibly. Some might even say definitely, but we'd rather the issue be settled, thank you very much, than risk opening the field of candidates up to Brett Ratner again.

Yes, Bryan Singer has returned to the director's chair of the franchise that he spawned in the first place. His early films have problems, but put it in perspective: Singer was defining the superhero movie genre long before there were tons of examples of how to do it right. There were bound to be missteps (toads getting hit by lightning, Storm's hair, the first interpretation of Sabretooth), but Singer dared to take the comic book characters seriously, and his efforts paid off. Sure enough, the moment he left the series, and Brett Ratner took over, the whole thing fell apart into the usual mish-mash of nonsensical plotlines and pointless action sequences. And sure enough, when he came back as a producer on X-Men: First Class, the franchise became a bastion of quality once again.

Deadline is reporting that Bryan Singer's contract is a done deal, implying that the production of the newest X-Men film, which would seem to adapt the classic comic book storyline about a mutant going back in time to prevent a tragedy that leads to the genocide of their species, will continue without much delay. The film is expected to be released on July 18. 2014.

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