AFL Club St Kilda Tear Up Player Contract Due To Stalking Charges

Jason Gram's contract has been torn up upon news the defender is facing criminal charges for stalking.

Robert Whiteby Robert White

St Kilda utility Jason Gram saw his career at the club prematurely end when the club tore up his contract for failing to meet behavioural obligations. Gram appeared in court on Tuesday facing criminal charges for stalking.

Though the incident was violence free, Gram's behaviour was a result of a breakdown of a personal relationship.

Just a week ago he was touring the US with teammates, but met with St Kilda officials Tuesday and was informed of the club’s decision after being indefinitely suspended in early September when his behaviour was brought to light.

"Following the breakdown of a personal relationship, Gram failed to honour repeated undertakings to the club concerning his behaviour," the club said in a statement.

"St Kilda Football Club has been working with Gram for a number of months on this issue in an attempt to ensure his behaviour appropriately reflected the values shared across the club and to assist with the management of his personal welfare.

"The club recognises that Jason's conduct has been of a non-violent nature."

Gram may choose to nominate himself for the December pre-season draft which would provide the 28-year-old with a possible second chance to extend his AFL career to a tenth year.

St Kilda part ways with the runner-up of the club’s 2006 Best and Fairest award and a guy who possesses experience from three Grand Final appearances.

The Gram incident is not the first in off-season scandals at St Kilda. The club sacked Andrew Lovett in 2009 after having acquired the player three weeks earlier in a trade. Lovett was found not guilty of rape. In 2010 a number of St Kilda players were involved in a situation with an under aged school girl. Semi-naked photo of players leaked out to media as one of the least concerning results in the matter. Weeks later four players copped lengthy suspensions and fines for their part in a broken curfew, boozy, prescription drug filled night.

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