6 Gangnam Star Wars Videos

Join the Dark PSY of the Force!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, Korean pop star PSY invaded the world with his hit song “Gangnam Style.” Wait, that happened in this galaxy just a few months ago. Since Gangnam became a mega meme, it’s only logical that Star Wars, the strongest force in the entire nerdiverse, would collide with PSY. Here are 6 Gangnam Star Wars videos:


Gangnam Han Solo Style

It’s a trap! (A dance trap.)


PSYwalker Style

He’s here. I sense his presence. Also, that beat is very recognizable.


Star Wars Style

This is a restricted area! Oh, you’re doing a funny dance. Never mind!


Elevator Style

Luke, I am the father of Gangnam Style.


Carbonite Style

“I love you.” “I know… how to horsy dance.”


Gungan Style

This one’s my sad favorite.


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