Paper Mario: Sticker Star Gets Rad Commercial

With weird presentation aesthetics.

Joey Davidsonby Joey Davidson

Paper Mario: Sticker Star

Nintendo's released a brand new commercial for their upcoming entry in the fan-favorite RPG line, Paper Mario: Sticker Star. I'm all for the game, and I'm certainly a lover of its previous titles on the Wii, GameCube and Nintendo 64.

What I don't really get, however, is the art direction for this commercial. Here we go:

As the fine print says once the "gameplay" starts, the images are "simulated graphics." It's not what the game looks like at all. Sure, the trailer nails the paper aesthetic, but it does so in an unecessary way.

In my mind, Paper Mario: Sticker Star didn't need to be dolled up for TV. Here's the game running in a recent trailer with actual graphics. It's brilliant.

The game is gorgeous, and it presents probably the best use of 3D on the Nintendo 3DS to date.

Paper Mario: Sticker Star launches for the Nintendo 3DS on November 11th. It's set up to be on of the best games for the platform.