Best of Twitter: Week of 10/30

Comedy! Sports! News! We get ahold of the funniest Tweets  so you don't have to!

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe


Are you sick of hearing about what Ashton Kutcher had for dinner or about whatever next, dumb product placement some random celebrity is endorsing? Of course you are. Twitter is made for two things: Self-promotion and dirty jokes! That's it. We here at CRAVE defy you to come up with another reason that Twitter exists. There is none.

This week we cover: Hurricane Sandy, Texting Your Ex, Mitt Romney, Chris Christie being Fat, Small Boobs, and much much more!

Take a look:

Devastation of this magnitude is uncomprehendable.


Suck it, NYC. 


Dennis Quaid makes everything better!


We asked for this. 


Thanks, Mitt.


You're still beautiful to us. But seriously, big boobs are cool too. 


Boy Meets World marathons should replace the Cub Scouts. 


Better late than never. 


Sometimes, the truth hurts. 


Christie is the Sally Struthers of the Empire State. 


Fat jokes hurt. Unless you're making them at Chris Christie. 


She could probably say the same thing. 


That's actually not a bad holiday idea. 



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