6 More Psycho Weather-people!

"Rain! Sleet! Snow! Puppies! Cheeseburgers! OH GOD, THE HUMANITY!" 

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe

With Hurricane Sandy rearing its ugly head at the east coast, we here at CRAVE online (on the earthquake-ridden west coast) wish them all the safety in the world as they spend their time glued to their TVs, praying that all the hold near and dear will not be wipped out. 

And we thought it might be a good idea to give them something funny to watch on the internet as the storm passes. 

We decided to do that by finding six (check out the original article here) more of the most insane weather-people we could acting like morons, because, lets face it — no one ever has anything nice to say about them. 

Take a look:


Polar Bears vs. the Local Weatherman:

Way to go, Jackass!


Worst Weatherman EVER:

The assault scene in "The Hills Have Eyes" was more comfortable than that video. 


Poor First Timer:

"Yeah, mom. I was on TV today… No, mom. It didn't go well."


Weather-Guy Makes an Awkward 69 Joke:

Yeah, we remember the fourth-grade too. 


Weatherman Speaks of His Large Penis:

Wow, dude. Just… Wow.


Weatherman is a Total Ass:

At least she's a lead anchor and not a loser weatherman, douche!