Explore Far Cry 3 in Minecraft

New levels of nerd achieved!

Joey Davidsonby Joey Davidson

Far Cry 3 in Minecraft

While I'm here stuck in the mid-Atlantic during one of the worst hurricanes of all time, you can be enjoying PC games. You win, anonymous reader, I concede.

If you're looking for something new to do or explore, you might want to download a brand new mod for Minecraft, install it and fire up the client.

Ubisoft has put some modders to the task of creating a new Minecraft world specifically built around their upcoming Far Cry 3. Here are, according to Ubisoft, a few of the goods within the download.

This free downloadable mod allows you to explore and survive the Minecraft PC experience with the warped tones of Far Cry 3. Has modifications to all aspects of the game, including blocks, mobs, weapons and tools.

You'll find characters and over 50 easter eggs scattered through the map.

Hit the Ubisoft link above to head to the download page.