5 Hilariously Bad Horror Movies

[Video] Scenes from the 5 WORST horror flicks. But that's a good thing!

Sam Wellerby Sam Weller

I wanted to cull together some "so bad it's good" clips from horror movies to help you set the mood this Oct. 31st. Why? I'll tell you… [uncomfortable pause]


In St. Louis we had a Halloween tradition that instead of saying "trick or treat" or– how you do it on the west coast apparently– just sticking out your bag, we had to tell jokes to get our candy. We had to work, darn your eyes! And that's the kind of regimen that's made me the hard working, innovative comedy writer I am today…


…So here's the YouTube clips!


1. Night of the Lepus


You're not watching this incorrectly, that is a bunny apparently violating a young girl in the least threatening manner possible. Bonus points for implied psycho-sexual daddy issues.



2. Monsturd (WARNING: Totally Disgusting)


Just be happy I didn't embed the clip of the two officers vomiting nonstop for a minute and a half. Don't test me.


3. Patton Oswalt on Death Bed


While not technically clips from a film, anytime I get to hear Patton Oswalt complain about bad movies I smile inside.


4. Birdemic


This was on the line for me because of a nasty rumor I heard that this film was supposed to be intentionally bad. But intentionally this bad? You be the judge. Also, I'd be good at sales if I discounted everything by 50% too.


5. Troll 2


You knew this one was coming. OH MY GOOOOD!!!