Flash #13: Rogues vs. Gorillas!

Who needs Barry Allen when you've got Captain Cold squaring off against talkin' monkeys?

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Flash #13

At the end of last month's Flash Annual #1, there was a big to-do between the Flash and his Rogues, and the bad guys came out victorious – just in time for an army of gorillas to drop down in the Gem Cities to start kicking ass. This promised Rogues vs. Gorillas, and I was determined to check into Flash #13 to see if Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato delivered on it. I'm happy to say they pretty much did.

And that promise happens on the first splash page of the issue, with the dialogue about how the Rogues react to the gorillas.

Heat Wave: You picked a great time to double-cross Flash. Good job, Lenny.

Captain Cold: Yeah, I guess I should've assumed that a crapload of talking monkeys was gonna drop out of the sky!


Yes, we know that apes aren't monkeys, but Ol' Cap Cold probably doesn't. It's just damned amusing.

So the Rogues wake Flash up and team up with him to fight gorilla attacks. Well, not at first – the Rogues try to leave Flash in the lurch to deal with it, until the gorillas get aggressive about it, prompting Len to say "Whatever. Let's kick some monkey ass!"

This is why comic books are awesome.

Adding to this is when the disgruntled Trickster approaches King Grodd to try and side with him, and instead of shaking his hand, Grodd just rips his motherscratchin' arm off. That's freakin' harsh.

So I'm checked into the Flash for at least the length of this story arc, because Manapul's art has always been unquestionably cool, and it's only the fact that Barry Allen himself isn't all that compelling that caused me to drift away. During New York Comic-Con, Manapul and Buccellato got the inevitable question about where Wally West is. Their response was A.) they've introduced Daniel West, who will become important in some way and B.) they're still trying to make us care about Barry Allen. The fact that they're still trying to accomplish that 13 issues in isn't the best sign – and the fact that Geoff Johns has started writing him kind of like Wally in Justice League #13 doesn't help, either. To be fair, I'm not super-familiar with the original version of Barry, but I never got the impression that he was much of a wiseacre, whereas I'm much more inclined to believe that Wally would make a toaster-fornication joke to Cyborg.

Anyway, once again, I like everything around the Flash, and in Flash #13, even he's all right, because he gets to bounce off the Rogues in a fun team-up. Still waiting, however, to find out what's so great about Barry Allen that he was brought back from the dead. I think I'm still holding Flashpoint against him, since I don't get the Secret Six anymore just because he missed his mommy.