7 Hilarious Halloween Pranks

Tricks are treats!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Toilet papering a jerk’s house is classic, but over the years, folks have gotten very creative with their Halloween pranks. If you get stiffed on candy this year, check out these videos for ideas on how to get sweet, scary revenge. Here are videos of 7 hilarious Halloween pranks:


Scary Snowman

Jack Skellington’s inside.


Fake Trick-or-Treater

There’s nothing scarier than doing nothing.


Bush Thing

He went green this year. For real.



He got a job at Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios… where he works to this very day!


Michael Myers Goes To The Movies

Just in time for the Cutting Attractions.


Candy Bowl Hand

You take its Butterfingers, it takes your human fingers. Fair trade.


Headless Sneezeman

Do lose your head this Halloween!


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