7 Epic Video Game Rap Battles

The greatest game characters don’t brawl - they rap!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Fighting is something video game characters are used to, whether it’s taking on opponents in a worldwide street fight or turtle baddies in an evil castle. A lesser used skill in most video games is rapping, Parappa the Rappa notwithstanding, but that doesn’t mean characters can’t MC. Here are 7 epic video game rap battles:


Mario Bros. vs. Wright Bros.

Mushroom Kingdom, make some muthaf***ing nooooooise!


Link vs. Gannon

The Legend of Zelda’s R&B Chorus


Goku vs. Sonic

Green Hill Owned


Call of Duty vs. Battlefield

First person rappers.


Master Chief vs. Leonidas

Never underestimate the power of teabagging.


Mario vs. Sonic

There are some rivalries even Olympic games can’t settle.


XBOX vs. PS3

Aww, I was hoping they’d compare discs.


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