Halo 4’s Forward Unto Dawn Hits Episode 4

Sit back and watch it.

Joey Davidsonby Joey Davidson

Forward Unto Dawn

I'll be honest here: I didn't think I'd like a live-action, Halo mini-series. Especially one that's been produced by an online content maker. That's not a knock on Machinima at all, that's more so a slice of my perception of film making and media.

Online stuff just isn't as good as the stuff on TV or in the movies, right?

I'm really, really digging Forward Unto Dawn. A whole heck of a lot more than I thought it would. While one of our own here at Crave has already played through Halo 4's campaign, the rest of us are left waiting. This series has me extremely pumped to dive into Chief's boots and get to whooping on the Forerunners.

Watch episode 4 right here.