Exclusive ‘Hunted’ Season 1 Episode 2 Preview Scene

An assassin closes in on Sam Hunter inside the Turner mansion.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Last week on “Hunted,” Cinemax introduced American viewers to Sam Hunter (Melissa George), an intelligence operative working for the private espionage organization known as Byzantium.

After narrowly surviving an attempt on her life (possibly from within her own team) Sam disappeared for a year to recover and retrain. Now back with Byzantium, Sam has been sent undercover at the home of millionaire Jack Turner (Patrick Malahide) as she wonders whom she can trust.

Meanwhile, a mysterious assassin — nicknamed the Blank-faced man (Scott Handy) by the producers of “Hunted” —  has been searching for Sam ever since the hit on her and he has apparently infiltrated Turner’s home solely as a way to strike at Sam.

In this week’s exclusive preview clip from Cinemax, Sam is unaware of the danger standing in front of her as she speaks to the Blank-faced man for the first time.


For our second clip of the week, Sam discovers that she is being tailed by someone that she doesn’t recognize. And getting answers out of the man may be easier said than done.


Cinemax has also released a very spoiler-filled synopsis of the second episode.

Brought into the household by Turner’s son Stephen (Stephen Campbell Moore) to tutor his son Edward (Oscar Kennedy), Sam and the team continue surveillance of Jack Turner’s secret activities. They know that he is bidding for a multi-billion dollar dam in Pakistan, but his true motives elude them. Meanwhile, team members Zoe Morgan (Morven Christie) and Ian Fowkes (Lex Shrapnel) track a briefcase that was delivered to Turner.

“Hunted” season 1 continues this Friday at 10pm, only on Cinemax!