7 Truly Bizarre Celebrity Endorsement Deals

Hey, everyone needs to earn a little money on the side...

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe

Believe it or not, staring in movies alone will not make you absurdly rich. That's why famous actors and actresses align themselves with popular companies and consumer products. It's called branding. And everyone does it.

Nic Cage stars in hilarious Japanese gambling commercials. Brad Pitt sells soap in Singapore. No one is above shilling themselves for a little extra money. So we here at CRAVE thought we'd show you 7 of the most bizarre celeb endorement deals of all time.

Check it out. 


1. Judy Dench for Hot Topic. 

What most people don't know about Dench is her love of skater-punk music, eye-liner, and obsessing about Trevor on the football team who made out with Val underneath the bleachers after pratice. Dench looks best in a worn Ramones tee and a pair of knee-high striped socks.  


2. John Lithgow for Can-Can by Paris Hilton:

Trying to turn around her image for the hundreth time, Paris Hilton enlisted the help of veteran actor and Golden Globe winner, John Lithgow, for help promoting her signature fragrance, Can-Can. You can put as much of this stuff on as you want but you're still going to smell like cigarettes and broken dreams. 


3. K-Stew for Hungry-Man Dinners:

Kristen Stewart doesn't eat much, but when she does, she makes it a Hungry-Man. And what better than the meal that comes out the back-end as soon as you put it in the front? 


4. Patrick Stewart for Jimmy Dean: 

Famed actor and former Star Trek captain, Patrick Stewart cares about what kind of breakfast sausage you use. No, seriously. He cares. The captain of the enterprise doesn't want you looking like a p*ssy. 


5. Martha Stewart for Tapout: 

At a deal valued at over three-million, Mrs. Do-it-Yourself signed on to endorse UFC clothing manufacturer, Tapout, at all her public appearances from now on. This idea came to Tapout execs after she TKO'd  Quinton Jackson in the second round. 


6. Robert De Niro for Forver 21:

Bob really doesn't do press, so we're not really sure why he did this one. 


Mark Wahlberg for Always: Feminine Products:

Because nothing says comfort like Marky-Mark between your legs.