5 Episodes of Suit Up

A hilarious web series about glory and grossness in college football.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Lawyer Jim Dunnigan tries to turn Glory University’s struggling, scandal-ridden college football program around in Suit Up – an ambitious, very funny sports series from Yahoo Screen. The Beer Knight demands you watch these 8 episodes of Suit Up:

Chapter One: Swine, Sports and Scandal

Who will be the new QB?


Chapter Two: Glory Down

Some college students form flash mobs, others form violent mobs!


Chapter Three: No Money, No QB

The Girls’ Soccer Team got a new bus. What’s the problem?


Chapter Four: The Pistol Formation

Click here to watch. Back to school with Rodney Dangerfi—I mean, Bijorn Hansen.


Chapter Five: The Beer Knight Rises

Click here to watch. You can’t keep a good beer knight down.


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