The Big List: All The President’s Memes! Last-Minute Halloween Costumes!

Election 2012 from Etch-a-sketch to Bayonetes. Plus: Funny DIY Costumes

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Time to bring your kids to the movies, assume they’re gonna see Madagascar 3, go to the bathroom, come back to find they’re terrified, wonder if Madagascar is really that bad, figure out that they’re actually watching Paranormal Activity 4, punch the projectionist in the face and check out these links!


PSY Does A Reddit AMA (Gangnam Style)

He must be talented if he can type and horse dance at the same time. [image via]


The 2012 Presidential Election Memes

Need a new election meme? Why not Zoidberg?


22 Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costumes

Get cape, tape calculator to chest… Calculator Man!


Kids Shown Paranormal Activity 4 Instead of Madagascar 3, Panic Ensues

I’d be scared either way.


The 6 Most Eerily Convincing Ghost Videos on YouTube

Her ghost dad had visitation rights that weekend.


That’s all for this spooktacular edition of The Big List.


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