Former NBA Star Mobbed By Chinese Fans

[Video] See what happens when this former teammate of Yao Ming touches down in a China airport.

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

Remember the good ol' days of the NBA? Ya know, around the turn of the century, just after Jordan's seventh retirement? Seattle still had a team, Vince Carter was supposed to be the next Jordan, and his cousin, well, he was supposed to be nearly as good. And I wish I were being totally sarcastic.

Of course I'm talking about Tracy McGrady, aka 'T-Mac.'

As it turns out, T-Mac is a huge star in China after playing with national hero Yao Ming with the Rockets for so many years. Following his last NBA stint with the Hawks, McGrady decided to take the money offered to him in China where he will play for the Qingdao Double Star Eagles.

You'll see from the video that McGrady is virtually a rock star over there. If I were listening to the video from across the room I might mistake this footage for a One Direction teenage craze.

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