Wolverine MAX #1: Enigma Emptied

Explicit content ahoy. The Canucklehead gets a book where he's allowed to drop f-bombs.

Iann Robinsonby Iann Robinson

Wolverine MAX #1

So I’m going to guess what Marvel is saying with Wolverine MAX is that they just don’t give a shit about Wolverine anymore. Oh sure, he may sell movie tickets and he may be stuffed into every title Marvel releases, but they don’t give a shit about him, not like they should. If you look back at Wolverine’s history and the incredible legacy the iconic member of the X-Men has, you really have to wonder who is allowing this garbage to be written.

Wolverine MAX is yet another look into the past of Logan. Yep, just what we need, another long look into the past we never wanted to know about to begin with. Part of Wolverine’s mystique (dig that pun) was his dark past. Marvel decided to screw that right into the ground and shed massive prison searchlights on the who, what, where and why of our heroes’ history.  If that idea makes you vomit in your mouth a little, then skip over Wolverine MAX. If you think it’s awesome that Wolverine has zero enigma left, then crack this puppy open.

Writer Jason Starr (an author who also penned the graphic novel The Chill) drops us in the middle of a plane crash. Logan, who survives, has no memory of who he is. Swimming through the rough ocean, he attempts to save a girl, but a great white shark eats her. Logan pulls some snikt snikt and the shark is ribbons. Then, suddenly, we’re in a flashback of varied scenes of him killing people, fucking and drinking. Flash forward and the Japanese coast guard have rescued Wolverine, bringing him to a hospital where he seems to be a suspect in the crash. Logan escapes the hospital and just as he remembers his name is Logan, a strike force shows up to take him out. That’s how the issue ends.

First of all, this is poorly written. Starr has no idea how to write Wolverine, so he uses cliché after cliché to make up for it. Second, this story is filled with plot holes. Logan has an adamantium skull and limitless regeneration capabilities, and yet he has amnesia? At one point, a cop comes to question Logan in the hospital and says the initial report was that Logan lost both his legs. So, does that mean they saw his adamantium bones, or in this MAX series can Wolverine grow whole limbs? Third, these horribly convoluted flashbacks are unnecessary and horribly drawn. I’d also like to know why Victor Creed looks like Sam Elliot?

Oh, just to let you know, the advertised art of the brilliant Jock is just the cover.

Roland Boschi is the artist responsible for the modern era work. His stuff is okay, pretty standard comic book fare except for the Japanese faces, which look like the worst WWII propaganda pencils you’ve ever seen. The real art crime here comes with Connor Willumsen, who draws the flashbacks as if everybody has a raging skin disease. Willumsen’s “art” is the bastard son of Mad Magazine and Richard Corbin with just a taste of badly drawn R. Crumb to boot. I guess Willumsen was trying to set the flashbacks apart. Man, did he fail.

With Wolverine currently in the tailspin of awful it is and now Wolverine MAX #1 being a straight suck fest, I doubt even Logan’s healing ability will be able to save him.