7 Funny Videos About Full House

Making fun of a 90s sitcom? How rude!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Everywhere you look (online) there’s a sketch or a mashup of Full House… The 90s sitcom classic inspires comedy bits to this day on the interwebs and inside television boxes. When it comes to making fun of this show, you can’t tell comedians to “cut it out.” Well, you can, but they likely won’t listen. Here are 7 funny videos about Full House:


Tom Hanks Slam Poem: “Full House”

I forgot about that episode. “Hanks” for reminding me!


She Laughs At All His Jokes

Kids go through puberty younger and younger. I guess that’s what’s happening here?


Black People Reacting To Stephanie’s Comeback



It’s F***in’ Late with Dave Coulier

This is what Dave Coulier is actually like now.


Sad Full House

Alternate Title: Fail House


Full House vs. Major Lazer

Danny’s room inspired this song? Awesome!


Family Metal

If Danny adopted Murp, they’d be a super group.


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