8 Funny Videos About The Final Presidential Debate

Horses and Bayonets… and Parodies!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

The third 2012 Presidential Debate took place between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney this week. There were a number of games on TV too, so if you didn’t watch it (and who can blame you), allow me to catch up the most enjoyable way possible: Here are 7 funny videos about the Final Presidential Debate…


Final Debate Songified

Debates are better in song form? I might have to agree with them on this one.


Taiwanese Animation Recap

Speaking of which, where’s my Jewish Street Fighter character?


Stephen Colbert Covers The Final Debate

Is that the fiscal cliff or an actual cliff? Either way, we’re screwed.


3rd Presidential Debate in Flip Book Form

Aww man, not my battleship.


“Horses and Bayonets”

I don’t care what Obama says, we need more horses!


Presidential Rap-Off (Round 3)

Starts at :35. Either of these men could go on to face Eminem in the final round. That’s what they’re debating about, right?


Romney & Obama’s Post-Debate Hang Session

There’s bi-partisan support against scrubs getting love from us. That’s a good sign!


The Campaigns’ Closing Arguments

If this is what they were thinking, why not just say it?


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