Week 8 NFL Power Rankings

The teams at No. 2 and No. 3 are sure to cause controversy in this weeks power rankings!

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

Week seven was a bit of a blah week in the NFL.  With no big upsets and only one blowout victory, movement has been minimal for almost all teams on the week 8 power rankings.  But a huge win by the Texans over the Ravens combined with a reasonably close win by the Packers over the Rams means the Texans and Packers rankings this week are sure to cause some hatred in the comments box. 

Previous week's ranking in parentheses

1. (1) Atlanta Falcons – After a bye in week 7, the Falcons will travel to Philadelphia to try and remain the only undefeated team in the NFL. 

2. (4) Houston Texans – A big bounce back performance for the Texans as they continue to make their case as the best team in the AFC.  Post your comments ranting about how the Texans are rated higher than the Packers below.

3. (2) Green Bay Packers – Aaron Rodgers throws three touchdowns against a decent Rams secondary. Watch out NFL, the discount double check is warming up. 

4. (6) Chicago Bears – The Bears didn't destroy the Lions on Monday night, but they are looking great in all three phases of the game.

5. (3) New York Giants – A slight drop despite the win against Washington.  The Giants need to develop some consistency and quit relying on late game comebacks.

6. (5) San Francisco 49ers – The 49ers' offense should have put more points on the board behind a big day from Frank Gore.  If I'm a 49er fan, I'm starting to worry about my team.

7. (7) New England Patriots – The Patriots gave up another big lead late in the game to a sub-par Jets team. They needed a win in overtime to remain on top of the AFC East.

8. (10) Minnesota Vikings – A week after posting big numbers, Christian Ponder took a step back against a good Cardinals defense.  Meanwhile, Adrian Peterson showed that he's still capable of being the best back in the league.  

9. (9) Denver Broncos – Denver has an interesting match-up next week against a high scoring Saints team. Look for Manning to put up massive numbers against New Orleans' horrid defense.

10. (8) Baltimore Ravens – Terrell Suggs made his return to the defense, but the Ravens got smacked around all day by the Texans.

11. (11) Seattle Seahawks – The defense has kept the sea-chickens in all their games, but this offense is painful to watch.

12. (14) Pittsburgh Steelers – The Steelers offense put up big yardage and the defense completely shut down the Bengals.  If they don't turn the ball over twice, this game could have been much uglier.

13. (13) Arizona Cardinals – The offense looked better than I expected them to against the Vikings, but winning the yardage battle doesn't mean anything if you can't put points on the board.

14. (15) Cincinnati Bengals – Cincinnati was able to get a few scores versus Pittsburgh despite gaining less than 200 total yards, but a third straight loss has the Bengals fading fast.

15. (16) St. Louis Rams – The offense put up some decent numbers against the Packers' D, but some weeks I feel like the Rams would be nothing without Greg Zuerlein.

16. (18) Tampa Bay Buccaneers – A second straight huge week for Josh Freeman, though against a porous Saints defense, but the defense just couldn't hold off Drew Brees.

17. (12) Detroit Lions – The Lions are struggling right now, and turning the ball over four times (including three times in the redzone) to the Bears doesn't help.

18. (17) San Diego Chargers – The Chargers have a chance to impress coming off the bye week against the Browns, but if they struggle, sell all stock in them.

19. (19) Philadelphia Eagles – A tough game at home next week against the Falcons means we'll probably see another turnover filled game out of the Eagles.

20. (22) Dallas Cowboys – An OK win against the Panthers, but the Cowboys should have dominated a bad Carolina team.

21. (20) Washington Redskins – Turnovers destroyed the 'Skins as they gave the game away late to the Giants.  The receiving corps needs to get healthy too.

22. (24) New Orleans Saints – Once again the Saints have to rely heavily on Drew Brees' arm.  At this point, an average day for Brees means a loss in New Orleans.

23. (23) New York Jets – The Jets should have won against the Patriots.  But as expected, they can't hold on to the tight games.

24. (21) Miami Dolphins – An interesting game next week as Miami looks to avenge their overtime loss earlier this season to the Jets.  

25. (27) Tennessee Titans – Chris Johnson has his second straight big week as the Titans win a shootout against the Bills. 

26. (25) Indianapolis Colts – Andrew Luck had two rushing touchdowns as the Colts held on to win a pretty evenly matched game against the Browns.

27. (26) Buffalo Bills – It's amazing to see how bad this much hyped Bills defense has gotten smacked around by opposing offenses.  Giving up a last minute touchdown to lose against the Titans doesn't help to make them look any better.

28. (29) Oakland Raiders – The Raiders took advantage of the Jaguars losing their starting QB and RB, but still needed overtime to get the win.

29. (28) Kansas City Chiefs – The Chiefs announced they will be playing the lesser of two evils by starting Brady Quinn over Matt Cassel in a match-up of two bad team next week against the Raiders.

30. (31) Carolina Panthers – The Panthers couldn't take advantage of playing a Cowboy team that likes to give away games, the terrible running game is part of the reason why.

31. (30) Cleveland Browns – The Browns played the Colts well, but this team still doesn't know how to win.

32. (32) Jacksonville Jaguars – Jacksonville was the worst team in the league before this past week, but with Jones-Drew and Gabbert going down against the Raiders, this offense could be getting worse.

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